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It’s All About the Saturnine (Terminator Armour)

Like most players who even contemplated adding some Saturnine Terminator Armour to their forces, Death of Hope was a major push. The impressive brute stomping around at 3:00 was a far cry from the OG armour below.

Saturnine Terminator Armour, or Exo Armour, was developed to improve the MK1 Thunder Armour as the Imperium began to reach for the stars again. Cataphractii is the poster terminator armour for Horus Heresy, but after seeing several conversions of the Saturnine pattern, I think these venerable suits make a great addition to the older legions.

With CAD, some have taken their conversions to the next level. Check these guys out:

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Although archaic in so many regards the Saturnine armour Halbar wore was almost perfectly suited to the battleground he and his squad had found themselves in. The narrow corridor of the Stratophex in the Lions Gate Spaceport made the thick armour a necessity and mitigated the battle plates lack of maneuverability. More importantly since the traitors had taken the Space Port and the five of them were waging a guerilla war behind enemy lines the fact that the Saturnine armour completely insulated all power readings from the enemy scans; the thick plasteel layers originally designed to keep the lethal energies of plasma reactors out now serving the opposite purpose. Now it was just a matter of continuing to picking the right targets, those were important enough to hamper the Traitor’s plans and could be eliminated before they could call in the position of the attack. #gamesworkshop #wargaming #warhammer #warhammer40000 #warhammer30000 #warhammer40k #warhammer30k #hardforheresy #horusheresy #3ddesign #3dmodeling #3dprinting #blender #blender3d #specialistgames #terminator #wip #workinprogress #modelling #saturnine #terminator #40k #30k #spacemarine #spacemarines #adeptusastartes #astartes #anycubicphoton #photon #imperialfists #imperialfist

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This pattern of terminator armour focuses on extreme upper body strength, as exhibited by the prominent shoulder pads and the helmet all but enclosed in a robust torso. They just look perfect for boarding actions and other hostile environment. It’s an imposing piece of tech that bridges the techno-barbarians of Terra with Crusade technology. And seriously, those shoulder pads are iconic and super 80s.

I had to give it a try.

Forging my Own

Sadly, I do not have my own 3D printer nor the skill to CAD pieces for the conversion. I had to rely on good old Milliput, bits, and hope. The design of the armour isn’t that complicated as the legs and arms could easily be pilfered from Tartaros or Cataphractii kits. The torso and the shoulder pads are really the main components that you have to fabricate. And maybe increase the general size and girth of it.

I cleaned up some Justaerin torso and legs to save as the base for the conversion. 

Now to get messy. I started with two assemblies as the putty takes awhile to dry. The first was to get a wider stance and a taller abdomen. The second was to create the in-set look for the helmet, and this involved modifying the front part of the armour to look more robust. When dried, I glued the two halves and added more putty cover the seam.

The Saturnine terminator shoulder pads were a bit tricky. I made the initial shape with aluminium foil and used Blue Stuff to create a mould. I casted two shoulder pads and added the cabling and some studs.

Some images of Saturnine terminator armour have heavy guns mounted on the back, commonly a heavy bolter or some sort of frag launcher. I didn’t want to go overboard with it as I wanted to add a lot of parchment from Anvil Industry. So I settled with a combi-plasma as it look substantial and fit the shoulder pads properly.

Arazu Kur, Master of the Temple

I painted him in my Word Bearers scheme and will serve as a Praetor in game where I won’t be able to use Lorgar to lead my forces. I read somewhere that Word Bearers use Sumerian naming conventions, so I named him Arazu Kur. Arazu being a builder deity, and Kur being mountain. A fitting name for such an imposing monster!

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