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Cracking the Word Bearer Code

I’ve been remiss with my blogging because of the continuing job hunting! Things are looking much better now but still no takers. The downtime has allowed me to get through my backlog, and I’m pretty happy that I finally restarted my Horus Heresy Word Bearers.

We won’t get into the fluff as a lot of creators have really informative content on the 17th Legion and its Primarch, Lorgar Aurelian the Urizen. I curated a list of stuff for you to follow the journey of the 17th as first the Imperial Heralds, then as the loyal Word Bearers until their fall.

The 17th was a legion that announced the Emperor’s decrees and demands. Called the Imperial Hearls, they were a potent fighting force that erased idols, cultures, and temples that would be anathema to the Imperial Truth. They were tasked to reeducate the population on why they failed and why following the Emperor would be the first step in their absolution.  Some legions were designed to destroy, others to build, but the 17th were designed to create true compliance and devotion.

Their focus on conquering minds and spirits made their crusades slower than others, while the religious fervour of their Primarch and senior commanders paved the way to their damnation. As the voice of the Imperium, they slowly forgot their loyalty to the message and focused more on who they were speaking for, and the Emperor punished them for it.

Get to know their tragedy here:

Lorgar’s Legion

Their play style’s a bit weird as it’s focused on running down the foe after decisive combat, but they aren’t naturally stellar stabbers. They need to leverage Fear causing units and Psychic buffs to defeat their foes and run them down. Their strong morale allows them engage in set piece battles where masses of infantry hold the line and allow the strongest pieces to sweep in before the enemy can do the same. Some squads can be buffed by a Diabolist but these gifts may cost some objective points.

The first rule in dealing with the devil: don’t.

The 17th is traditionally an infantry heavy force, as their traits, HQs, and Lorgar improve their performance drastically. If I only had the cash back then, I would’ve gotten two of the Betrayal at Calth sets so I can stomp around with hordes of 20-man Tacticals. Hindsight is 20-20 but I’m pretty happy with my not so numerous heavy infantry force: lots of terminators, contemptors, and I even managed to squeeze in 22 Tacticals split into two 11 man squads.

Colors of the Word

I went with the slate grey Imperial Heralds theme, with the daemonic units in a deep maroon to tie them with the Serrated Suns Chapter, the OG Possessed. I followed these simple steps:

  1. Prime black
  2. Dark grey stippling
  3. Light grey stippling
  4. Maroon undercoat for gold
  5. Gold
  6. Silver for metals
  7. Black shoulder pads
  8. Gloss varnish on the pads

Still to be Done:

  1. Apply transfers
  1. Matt varnish the shoulder pads
  2. Ink wash
  3. Edge highlight

Nothing but the (Primordial) Truth

If you enjoyed this quick look at my Word Bearers, please leave a comment. If you’re also a true believer, leave a link to your stuff and let me have a look. It’s always exciting for me to see other’s armies and makes me fantasise about playing a massive Istvaan V game.

As mentioned, I’m quite happy that I’m working on Lorgar’s legion again, though I must confess that some 30 odd Necrons are en route to my house currently…

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