The Remnants: Heretic Astartes Patrol

So my little Heretic Astartes Killteam keeps getting reinforced by my boredom and bits box. From more cultists to heavier elements, I think we have enough troops to play 9th Edition 40K when it comes out with a Heretic Astartes patrol detachment. We got some…

Heretical HQs

If you’ve been following my killteam’s growth, these guys are no strangers. The Terminator will be promoted as a Terminator Lord for Patrol games, while the Khorne Berzerker Champion will be taking more skulls for the Blood God as an Executioner.

Chaos Patrol

I’ve always loved playing with lot of troops. I just hated having to paint so many. Starting with a killteam helped ease the burden of slaving away over mass of plastic. Cultists have been a chaos mainstay for some years now, but their future seems to be in question for 9th edition 40K because of their points increase. They’ll still have their place, albeit not an auto include. Having more meat shields never hurt anyone.

The Red Corsairs have always fantasized about being at Legion strength so I would be remiss not to include some Heretic Astartes to the list. A modest force to represent chaos space marine enforcers joins the patrol. The killteam’s Khorne Berzerker will be serving as a squad sergeant for the marines.

And now for the new stuff.

Grotesque Elite

The Helbrute’s extensively converted, as you can see. The main face is a spare from Mari Makinami Illustrious Revoltech Fraulein figure, while the ones on the shoulder are Milliput lovingly delivered this pandemic by Sunward Hobbies.

I know the helbrute hammer isn’t the most optimised choice but since the base theme was industrial, I figured the hammer fit the look better.

I tried using my retro chaos space marine transfer sheet but they just look so goofy now. I’ll just fix them later.

I’m really digging the multiple faces though.

Heavy Obliteration

Now this guy’s a mess. He started out as a terminator kitted out with some Spellcrow Heavy Plague Hands.

Plus, some vents I got from Grimdark28 over at Shapeways. And loads of Milliput.

Unifying the Heretic Astartes Theme

Since we’re working with discarded bits and things that are worse for wear, I’ve continued to adopt the grimy blanchitsu style for these Red Corsairs popularised by the people at INQ28. So I’ve kept the dirty approach, getting inspiration from INQ28’s 28 Mag. If you haven’t checked out this free mag, I suggest you download it from their site and get inspired!

I kept the industrial style base. It was a bit hard to do on the bigger bases but since I got some free time (thanks covid 😡 ) I just carried on.

What do you think of these heretical monsters? Are they ready for some friendly 9th Ed 40K? Truth be told, I’ve already begun acquiring some Necrons as I think they’ll be my 9th Ed army. Oops! I blame Auspex Tactics for getting me hyped for the 9th Ed Necron release for 40K!

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