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Bakunin’s Best: Nomad Zeroes

First off, Happy Canada Day! 2020 hasn’t been the best year but I hope we can start making something of it this second half!

Now, on to the show!

The Disruptors

Bran do Castro and the two Zero-type units are your midline skirmishers. They’re built for objective grabbing or asymmetric combat. Even if they have access to surprise shot, it’s always better to utilise their manoeuvrability to shoot without reprisal, or at least catch enemies out of cover. They’re not exemplary shooters and they’re too important and expensive to be engaging in useless gunfights. You’re not going to make back their points by killing an equal amount of enemy troops, you get best value out of them by securing objectives and winning the game!

So let’s look at the Nomad Zero and its cousins.

Zero Contact

The basic Zero is an affordable infiltrator with access to Camo and other toys. It has a Forward observer, two Hacker profiles, and the hidden gem of a Minelayer option. Primarily used as either objective grabbers or disruptors, the Zero is a fragile but important piece. Bakunin has a hard time getting their specialists out of their deployment, with the clunky Observance fireteams being too huge a point sink to risk. The skirmishers allows you to have early game objective pressure and hopefully force the enemy to over commit, allowing your harder pieces to punish them. Zeros are not gun fighters, leave that to the Prowlers.

The Monkey King himself Bran do Castro serves as the ultimate disruption piece. His Superior Infiltration, Climbing Plus, Super Jump, and Multiterrain will allow him to get anywhere fast. Just like his Zero cousins, he also has Camo which provides some tactical flexibility in terms of attack and defense. However, at BS11 he’s not exactly vaporising the enemy backline with his Combi-Rifle or Boarding shotgun! He has a Specialist Operative profile that will allow him some utility in mission objectives but I find that he works best as a harasser. Moving from building to building an sniping key targets, then skittering away somewhere inaccessible. This forces your opponent to be more cautious of their movement or spend resources trying to pin down the monkey zero.

Infiltrating Medium Infantry? With a Spitfire? Yes please! The Prowlers are a subsect of the Zeroes and they’re the brutal short range pieces you need to secure an objective. They have the usual Camo and Multiterrain, plus Bioimmunity. These skirmishers are great for punishing other infiltrators and serving as a deterrent to early objective grabs. Having a great high burst special weapon half way through the board on a decent shooter is a luxury few armies have. I wouldn’t bother with the specialist option as I’d play these as a big brother for my Zeroes.

And that’s a brief look on the Bakunin Zeroes. These delicate skirmishers can harass and slowdown the toughest of foes and win you the game. Remember that these guys are designed to be a scalpel for objective play so don’t go around trying to force them to be an alpha-strike hammer. If you want more hard hitters, check out the forces of the Observance or the full metal fury of attack remotes!

I hope this has inspired you to start a Nomad force, particularly Bakunin Sectorial. We already have too much Tunguska and vanilla! Just kidding (not really).

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