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Neon Nomad Nuns with Guns

The title sounds like a cheesy sex film which is kinda cute since I started Infinity when I was taking up a Masters in film and television in Mebourne. I picked up the Bakunin starter and some other bits and bobs. I fell in love with the Observance models, particularly the Custodiers, because they looked like cool cyberpunk ninjas underneath the hoods. I decided to go all in on the madres with a few support units for my Bakunin sectorial army.

The Observance is based on the Nomad mothership of Bakunin. They’re a matriarchal religious sect focused on destroying Aleph and other AI. They’re highly trained and equipped with all sorts of lethal weapons that’s designed to match against other medium infantry.

These nuns with guns come in a couple of flavors, namely: Moiras, Custodiers, Healers, and the token male Sin Eaters. We’ll take a look at them and discuss their battlefield role.

The AI Hunters

As mentioned, the Observance units are designed to match their Aleph counterparts. They have ODD or some other form of mimetism for defense, reasonable BS and CC characteristics, and good armor despite their lack of clothing. Though at a glance they may look like a match against similar Aleph profiles, they’re actually somewhat outclassed by them. The Aleph units are more cost efficient than the Observance units and perform better on the offensive. These Nomad nuns’ only advantage is the Religious skill which makes them continue performing their duties despite the collapse of command and control. It’s a pretty cool little narrative point where they’ll use their indomitable human will to face off against the sleeker and better androids.

Each type of nun has a specific battlefield role:

Reverend Moiras are the general purpose fighters. HMGs, sniper rifles, and E/M Light Grenade launchers are all fun toys. Their access to Shock CCW can kill all those No Wound Incapacitation units that Aleph has if they manage to out CC them. However, the cost of each Moira is around pretty high and trying to run them as your core team would result in a lot of points for just an ok choice. They’re not bad and surprisingly mobile with their Multiterrain, but they’re best deployed sparingly.

The character Moira the Nomads have is Cassandra Kusanagi. She’s a great gunfighter with access to a Spitfire profile. While it’s tempting to stick her in a Moira core or a Custodier Haris it’s often best to run her solo. She’ll be initiating gun fights all over the place and might over extend your fireteams. Though the full link bonus might make her a beast, it’s often a gamble as attacking with almost 2/3 of your force runs the risk of encirclement. Despite the ODD and armor, these nuns can easily be gunned down.

The Reverend Healer is the Doctor option and can join Moira cores or a Custodier Haris. They’re less protected as they only have mimetism but they can extend the operational capacity of your fireteams. Just be careful where you place them as they tend to become blast weapon magnets. In a pinch, the Boarding Shotgun load-out can be nightmarish for your opponents when attacking with a full core. +9 on your BS within 8” on a B3 Boarding shotgun will cause serious harm on enemies. This’ll of course be affected by the shotgun changes of N4 but if you’re able to squeeze in a game of N3 this lockdown, give it a try!

Reverend Custodiers are the high tech hunters. They’re all hackers with access to Hacking Device Plus (HD+) and all the utility it brings. They’re expensive, as all Observance units are, but they make great specialists and Lieutenants. Cybermasking and sneaking up to objective is a great tactic to get a specialist up the board in relative safety. They have a Haris option but marching a trio of specialists has its advantages and risks. Sure you can get your specialists nuns up the board faster, but a careless deployment may result in the loss of three specialists. Still, these women are often ubiquitous leaders for your army as they’re fairly survivable.

The only boy, the Sin Eater can be likened to a Total Reaction bot. Neurocinetics makes it shoot full burst in ARO, but is reduced to one burst on the active turn so it’s purely a defensive piece. It’s a bit better than a total reaction bot but you pay for it in SWC and points. Treat it as you would a Total Reaction bot, with the option to dodge without mods. If the mods are stacked against you, you don’t always have to shoot!

In Nomine Madre

While the Observance models are great and are generally great options, N3 isn’t really a medium infantry edition. The addition of Forward Deployment does solve the 4-2 movement issue, but pound-for-pound why spend for mediums when you can go heavy? This has been an ongoing issue for making the Reverends work in this edition.

So should you even try? Yes! They’re great profiles but not too great that you should go all in on them. A sprinkling of Observant models can solve issues where the heavy options might be a bit too much of an overkill. Observant models perform best at closer, tighter, and more technical fights. Use those hackers for Spotlight and stack the mods!

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