Getting on the Infinity Code One Hype

Corvus Belli just put out a primer on the troop type available for Infinity the Game. No doubt this to drum up excitement for Code One and maybe N4!

The initial reviews for Code One has been interesting. As designed, the game is suppose to be an introductory system for new and/or casual players. It features simplified mechanics, a different take on points cost, and boasts a quick game length. It’s ideally used for demo-ing in conventions or FLGS where you need to build the hype with as many potential players as possible. A sort of McDemo scenario. When used in this manner, the review of the system has been generally positive. I guess when used as designed, the product serves as is.

Gripes and negative reviews usually come from people who’re expecting Code One to be synonymous to N4, or the 4th full edition of the game. I think this is mostly coming from impatience and excitement for N4. Though I think there is really some confusion as to the need for releasing Code One in the process. Why release a “starter” type game when you’re going to move these players into the full game anyway? If the clunkiness of the full game is at fault, why not just fix, or even overhaul it (gasp!). This reminds me of the Firestorm Armada-Firestorm Taskforce fiasco. Then again, we really don’t have any concrete news about N4.

So we’re sort of stuck in this pandemic-induced timewarp waiting for Code One Kaldstorm to launch while simultaneously waiting for N4. Weird times! So while we’re waiting for any news, check out the troop type guide here. They make mention of some baseline stats for each troop type, and that might give us a clue on how profiles are costed in the future!

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