Age of Rebellion

“Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” 

-Denis Diderot

The End is Nigh

Every where we look the world seems to be either changing or ending. Are the two even different? It really gets quite annoying seeing the powers that be drop the ball on these challenging times. Especially in my home country where the pandemic is ushering in a totalitarian setting!

Chaos Ascendant

With the unfolding of societal collapse and the job hunt challenges, I needed to destress. I was rooting around my bits box the other day. The sounds of rummaging is strangely comforting. The treasure hunt yielded some cultists that I bought a year ago before the world changed. With the real world spiralling into chaos, I thought about revisiting my recently completed Red Corsair killteam. Thanks to No Rerolls for the shout out! The irony of beefing up a Chaos force while the real world is in chaos is not lost on me. 

I really like these plastic cultists, and one of my regrets is not saving the ones from the Dark Vengeance box! At least I got these guys and integrating them is as simple as doing the bases: drilling holes with my dremmel and adding hazard striped cocktail sticks. I still have four more hiding out somewhere. I think I might need to finish those before 9th edition. I also found half a heretic astartes with a missile launcher. I removed the upper half of my possessed and stuck the guy in. At least the army won’t be wanting for some heavy firepower.

Something to look forward to

As I’m assembling and painting this warband, I tuned into Auspex Tactics’ breakdown of the Indomitus box set. Those necrons are really calling to me but I don’t get to play enough as it is! And despite the amazing new sculpts, I don’t think it’s a prudent unemployed purchase. I guess I’ll just continue rummaging for unfinished projects to while away the time. I know I still have some Word Bearers for 30K and a small Dark Elf army waiting to get painted. Maybe when my luck turns I’ll dive into purchasing again. Maybe even with the new Necrons?

Well, I gotta get back to the hunt, even if some days feel more futile. Still, we must all soldier on towards tomorrow, even if it repeats yesterday.

“One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

-Albert Camus

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