Bake Friends Forever

As many of you probably feel, actually behaving during lockdown is boring! When you’re being responsible and staying indoors, eventually even Netflix becomes stale. And did you notice that there always seem to be chores?

A History with Food

Anyway I’ve been cooking and baking a lot as a way to pass the time. When I was a kid I used to love watching Iron Chef (both the original and the American one), and Good Eats with Alton Brown. There was just something primal and enjoyable with making and baking food, aside from it was an acceptable way of making friends with fire. When I was on a budget, I’d bake for my friends’ birthdays as an affordable present. I experimented a lot with food and presentation that my mom thought I would become a chef if my novelist career didn’t pan out (spoiler, I became neither.) I enjoy the mess and heat which eventually results in something edible.

Maybe I took after my dad who would cook extravagant Sunday lunches, some of which would take him days to prepare. I love it when he’d bring strange creatures and vegetables from the market and turn them into a feast. He’d be so tired and sweaty afterwards but I think he really enjoys watching us just demolish everything. When I was scheduled to leave for Melbourne for my Masters, we prepared a lot of spring rolls together for my despedida. I think it was his way of bonding. And also we needed to feed a lot of of my friends and guests!

Bake Friends Forever

I got a call from my producer (and best friend) and he was telling me how hard media production was now because of the lockdown. He hasn’t been able to shoot much, collect fees, and payout. I mentioned to him that I was in the same boat so I’ve ended up taking over the kitchen until I land a job. He was interested in what I was baking and mentioned that, being newly married himself, he wanted to get his kitchen skills up. We got to chatting about turning it into a show, showcasing us best friends trying the same recipe but across oceans: him in Manila, and me in Vancouver. For someone who wants to be like Adam Ragusea, this is some good news in these otherwise grey times!

So we started our little cooking show, Bake Friends Forever, which as a digital marketing specialist I’m volun-told to manage! We’ve just recently launched our first episode where we make a champorado, or Philippine chocolate porridge. I think Mexicans also have a similar dish, which is unsurprising with our shared history as colonies of Spain!

We’re still working out the image quality (I blame my friend’s extremely dark kitchen), but you can check out our pilot here:

Allez Cuisine!

We document both our success and failures, which our wives are forced to eat with us. We’ve also tried cooking together via Zoom but the timezone’s just brutal. Still, it’s a great way to burn some energy (and maybe some cookies), and if you want to see more of that, you can subscribe to us through the social of your choice:

Thank you so much and I hope we can be bake friends forever!

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