Keep the Bits!: Why you should hoard everything on the sprue

Sprue Collecting

Throughout my time collecting miniatures, I think I’m close to 22 years now, I have amassed a substantial amount of bits. From those little grenades, pouches, skulls, to whole models and an assortment of bases. Sometimes I just get the itch to add a little bit more snippety snap to models to better align with my aesthetic, and rummaging through the box feels like a treasure hunt. I know a lot of people can’t be bothered cleaning out those plastic sprues but I particularly find it therapeutic. Check out this GunPla guy on Youtube and see how ASMR-ish cleaning out a sprue can be!

I started with 40K, then dabbled a bit with Warhammer Fantasy, and now Horus Heresy. Fell out of love with GW and into the arms of Warmachine. That didn’t work out so I tried out some Anima: Tactics, Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall, Infinity (still going strong!), Batman Miniatures Game, Bushido, and even Relic Knights! Through all those games, I always like doing little mods to things so accumulating otherwise discarded bits is part of my hobby. I may fall in and out of love with GW but I always make sure I clean out those sprues before I leave!

Ebay Rescues to the Rescue?

I don’t trawl Ebay for deals. I use it as a cheap way, hopefully, to get some hobby impulse buys. It’s pretty bad and I once blew a month’s salary on random bits for an army wide  conversion. So I try and avoid the site, and no longer hit bid whimsically. I do take some due diligence especially with the shipping. When I do get to indulge, I try to get the best bang for my buck. This often means that I’m buying random lots as opposed to specific pieces. This is somewhat good as I get extra stuff that I can potentially use, though obviously cost inefficient. But I know I’ll use these extra bits in the future! I’m damn sure!

40K Killteam: The Remnants

After some reading of the INQ28 magazines, I decided to put my bits where my mouth is. That sounded wrong, but what does sound right is that I get to have an excuse in building a “new army” without spending anything!* So with a lot superglue, a fresh box of Milliput, and abundant over estimation of my own kit bash skills, The Remnants were born.

They’re mostly from my Shadespire box as I no longer have any interest playing that game. It also has some Skitarii from a half-attempted start at Adeptus Mechanicus. Fancy legs and skulls are extras from my pre-End Times Dark Elves that I’m still working on. The marine parts are all Ebay stuff from when I TRYING to make a budget friendly Heresy army. No matter how hard you try, that game will cost an arm and a leg. Even with plastics! Anyway at least I got a Terminator Champion out of that attempt.**

The killteam is mainly an elite force with two Khorne Berzerkers derived from Garrek’s Reavers, a Possessed mutated from some MK4 Legionaries, a Cataphractii Terminator Champion from Imperial Fists leftovers, and three cultists with every bit and bob I could scrounge from the corners of my box. They’re painted in Red Corsairs colours just to see if I have any affinity with Huron’s ilk, in case I push through with a Badab War-era army!

Granted, most of the bits and models aren’t in really good shape. The varied sources create a discordant asymmetry on the models. Perfect to try a Blanchitsu feel. My attempt at Blanchitsu isn’t really spot on but they do give me a solid foundation to get back to them when I’m more confident with oil weathering.

*Technically, I’ve already spent because I paid for the bits even if they just “came with” the primary product.

**I’m still working on that Heresy project and it’s spawned an Imperial Fists and a WIP Word Bearers force!


And with that, I now have a little kill team for 40K! I have no idea if it’s competitive but it was great fun figuring how the different bits COULD fit together! As you can see, I had such a great time with the kit bashing that I splurged and made some fancy bases. It’s just drilling holes, building up some panels with Milliput, and making dividers from leftover (but clean!) toothpicks from other conversions. 

This little force is ready for a palate cleansers game or two. Maybe even a campaign? The best thing here is that even if I did spent quite a lot of time working on these models, I didn’t have to get a new box just to have a “just in case” team, like I did for my Warcry! And to be totally honest, I haven’t played with yet. I just got hooked into it after watching Becca Scott’s video. Anyway, before you pull the trigger on buying anything, take a look at your hoard and maybe you’ll find some gold there. A penny saved, a penny earned and all that. Every bit counts! Though I am tempted to take a look at the new Necrons, but maybe I have some Necron bits somewhere…

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