MAF Deathblow

And now we come to the last treatise of our Morat series. We have a grasp on what fuels the army and how we put pressure on the opponent by controlling objectives, it’s time we look at the options to seal the deal.

With the release of Infinity Code One, and the impending N4 reboot, we may need to revisit how the MAF works. I don’t expect a lot to change so even if this is N3 content, presumably, the combat doctrine will remain the same!

MAF: Morat Aggression Forces

Missing in this analysis is the Raicho TAG because I’m not to keen on recommending it. Maybe that will change in N4, but even with all the hotfix in N3 there just other better choices. Its a very generic piece that functions just like a Suryat-Vanguard team. A bully. Keep it safe from anti-TAG tech like E/M, hackers, etc, and always take the mine dispenser profile. Overall, I’d only think of dragging one along for the TAG specific missions.

And with that, let’s look at the attack pieces.

Impetuous Intelligence

The MAF boasts a lot of impetuous units, from the lowly Hungries to the spartan Daturazi. Their extreme impetuousness may send them hurtling towards the foe if they’re not constrained by use of fireteam. This may cause trouble but the free order that comes with it can be harnessed to set up for other units.

On your first turn, Daturazi can throw smoke to cover the advance of other elements. They can also be used to clear mines and perimeter weapons with their high PH dodge. If they’re in a fireteam, we can better control their aggression but on the last turn it may warrant breaking them up for a sudden burst of orders. A 5-man fireteam conributing 5 orders suddenly becomes a threat when you use their 5 extremely impetuos orders at the start of your last turn to run 4″ and throw a grenade up to 16″! That’s a free 20″ threat!

Remember that Daturazi cannot take advantage of cover when not in a fireteam. This does not mean that you can leave them out in the open, use terrain to reduce line of sight! Their mimetism can only protect them so much.

Krakots are also a mainstay of the Morat forces. More controllable than the Daturazi, the metachemistry gives a bonus but random skill as well. These guys are obviously designed as an attack piece but remember to be patient with them. They have a double Chain Rifle bargain bin option, and all the other shootier options have chest mines. Because of their chest mounted mines, they’re great against clumped light infantry both in shooting and close combat. Sending these off to take advantage of the chest mines will surely lead to their deaths. I prefer the chain rifle option because it comes with grenades and thus allows for an additional attack vector.

As a general rule for the Impetuous models, keep them under control if you can but don’t be shy to let them loose at targets of opportunity or during the last turn. For the smoke options, place them back and account for the 4″ that they have to move forward. For the attack options, don’t jump the gun.


A Suryat in a Vanguard link is a frighteningly efficient killer. Pound for pound they don’t compare well to their counterparts in other races, but remember to play the counter punch.

We talk a lot about Suryats as a mediocre heavy infantry. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s because they could be so much more. The update on them having Tactical Awareness on the HMG profile AND that they can be attached to a Vanguard fireteam solves most of their issues.

On the defensive, it may be good to Dodge with the Suryat instead of trying to win a firefight. Bait out their orders trying to kill a dodging multi-wound heavy armored unit in cover with 6th sense. Make your opponent spend those orders. Of course if you’re being shot at by some overly confident weakling then feel free to take them out.

On the attack, they’re bullies so use them to attack soft targets and incapacitate your opponent. Don’t go around trying to kill TAGs or other heavy infantry! Your opponent will have a hard time fighting with a diminished order pool or one that isn’t flexible due to Loss of Lt, so go after that.

Kornak is the ubiquitous Morat Lt. His Strategos allows for the Lt order to be spent as a Regular order giving army a little boost. He’s often found in a Suryat Haris solving problems that the HMG Tactical Awareness Suryat can’t. His high BS and MK12 can cover ranges that the HMG can’t, and his flamethrower is a nice situational tool. While this Haris is tough, remember that Kornak is not a multi-wound model but an No Wound Incapacitation one. This makes him vulnerable to Shock which mines and an obscene amount of weapons now seem to have.

If you absolutely must, he can jump in and use his Berserk attack to reliably land a DA CCW crit. The resulting CC of 28 almost guarantees a wound, and even if he gets a hit back from the opponent, his armor and No Wound Incapacitation may make it a good choice. Getting the entire Haris into CC allows Kornak to kill a TAG outright! 3 DA Attacks criting on 12+, and damaging with 16? Even if you don’t crit you’ll be forcing 6 ARM saves! Yes please!*

*But only when necessary!

The Morat Surgeon

The Rasyat is a notorious Airborne Deployment trooper, and almost always finds a place in lists. This is an alpha strike unit so your opponent will probably counter deploy against it. You can use it to your advantage as they’ll probably have troops watching board edges and in sight of your long range guns. So if you hold off using the Rasyat, you can punish your opponent for expecting it!

Now when you do choose to drop it in, the Rasyat is a simple tool designed to scalpel out important elements of your opponent’s command and control. The shotgun profile comes with Eclipse smoke grenades allowing him to sneak up no matter the defensive overwatch set-up. The DA CCW coupled with Natural Born Warrior is perfect for general murder, but using the D-Charge is something to consider for harder targets. The Natural Born Warrior bonus cancels the -3 Mod of the D-Charge and I think the +1 Dam does apply. This will usually translate to attacking with a CC of 21 and hit will apply AP+EXP at DAM15!

They also have a Boarding Shotgun which we can use if we find a nice angle. There’s a Spitfire profile too and I know suddenly having high volume fire at a weird angle can cause headaches for many opponents.

Lastly, Don’t fire and forget with these guys. Identify high value targets and kill them. Don’t over extend. Try to survive and force your opponent to spend their turn dealing with a medium infantry Dodging on a 13, or throwing Eclipse smoke on 16s. Sacrifice them when you have to, but always towards achieving tactical control.

Army of Two

The mighty Sogarat stomps in on the battlefield as THE solution to everything. It was an impressive beast at the start of N3, but with the addition of Full Auto to its profile in the subsequent updates has made it too good to pass up. Rampaging along the board edge and blasting long range with a Feuerbach, it can take out lurking specialists or fireteams. Everyone expects a shot from deployment to deployment, but rarely do they prepare from a flank to flank burst!

The high ARM allows him to walk past mines, and Dodge with PH15. Keep in mind that the Full Auto skill applies to the assault pistol too. Don’t be afraid of sneaking up close to targets and hitting them with 5 shots at BS 16!

Plus having Fireteam: Duo allows the beast to bring a specialist Raktorak along, or even a second Sogarat (don’t do that).


The design and background often forces players to assume that Morats are a sledgehammer force akin to Orks in 40K. These apes just don’t have the body count to pull of a mass assault. The professional soldier aspect and numerous Martial Arts skills may also conjure the idea of duelists but they’d be cut down if we’re not careful.

Morats is all about controlling the aggression and picking fights that you can win. They’re all about holding off and enduring, until they see an opening and hulk out. After that’s done, they go back to holding off and waiting for the next opening. Rinse and repeat!

I hope you like this introduction to how I play Morats! Please leave a comment if you want me to clarify some points!

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