Morat See, Morat Do

One of the interesting mechanics of Infinity is that games revolve around accomplishing objectives. Most games are designed for opposing forces to cause catastrophic damage on one another and hopefully receive less in return. On the other hand, Infinity prioritises on accomplishing multiple objectives in one game and reducing your opponent’s capacity to do the same. Last week we looked at the core of the Morat army, so today we’ll check up on how Morats actually accomplish most of the objectives in Infinity: Specialists.

Morat Specialist Paradigm

Infinity’s objective system is not a simple as other game systems. It isn’t about killing enemy forces or merely holding ground, it’s a dynamic and evolving part of each turn. You may start the game with a general plan on how to achieve objectives but losing a specialist or your alpha strike stalling will force you to adapt. Every movement, die roll, and order spent affects your resources available for accomplishing the objectives.

With the release of Infinity Code One, and the impending N4 reboot, we may need to revisit how the MAF works. I don’t expect a lot to change so even if this is N3 content, presumably, the combat doctrine will remain the same!

For the Morat counter punch, we shouldn’t be rushing in an achieving as much objectives as possible from the get go. With the premium cost of orders per model and the paltry average WIP of specialists we have to be cautious. A lot of our attack pieces have mines, and we can use that to secure objectives against other specialists. The Morat rule protects against Isolation and Loss of Lt so this will ensure that even as we lose models, we won’t have a catastrophic break down of discipline at the crucial securing phase.

So what do we do with objectives? Position your troops to grab it only when secure. Be patient and don’t over extend your specialists. Lay those mines, get the impersonation state going, and set up a killbox. These seem to be a no brainer and actually does work well with many other factions, but for Morats it’s gold. Force the enemy to expose their assets and then hit it piecemeal! Patience!


These are Morat officers are medium infantry with the generic specialist skill. They have an unimpressive profile set but their job is to work on antennas and other objectives. Their armor also allows them to keep working on the objective while getting shot so don’t worry about them too much.

Raktoraks are Wildcards and can be attached to any fireteam with the NCO skill helping with order efficiency. They’re cost effective in trying to get heavy fireteams on the board (essentially replacing a heavy infantry) and ensuring a specialist is attached to an attack team. They’re a solid choice but be wary of how they synergise with other members of the team, as they may be targeted in an effort to chip away at the bonuses.


The only Infiltrators in MAF, these light skirmishers have 2 Hacker profiles (Assault Hacker and Killer Hacker) and a Forward Observer one. The former has D-Charges which would allow you to accomplish Sabotage, while the latter works better with area denial because of the mines.

The Assault Hacker and Forward Observer can do Telemetry type of missions and other utility. I personally like the Killer Hacker for the option of activating Cybermask for the Impersonation state and try to achieve objectives with relative safety. They Impersonating Zerat can be a sneaky way to get some points on board control missions as they force the opponent to deal with them. Trying to catch a prone Zerat in Impersonation state on top a building can be order intensive.

Zerats also have a Red Fury weapon option which you may want to infiltrate as close as possible to your opponents deployment and alpha strike some No Wound Incapacitation models. Failing the infiltration roll isn’t that bad as the Red Fury is good under 24″. Keep in mind that the 12″ sides of your deployment zone count as an edge so you can have a failed infiltrator watching your flank.


A special character from the Dire Foes box, I was so excited when I first got her. She’s a Vanguard so can join a Vanguard link team but doing so may hamper her mobility. She isn’t as plug and play as other options, and costed a bit on the premium side. Most of the time I’d just take a Zerat as the costs are the same and the Zerats have more utility.

Anyat is equipped with both smoke and E/M grenades so having her in a link team may have some potential. Having grenade options for an attack fireteam can come in quite handy at times. A link team crossing the battlefield and able to speculatively throw grenades around the corner on a 12 within 8″ is great! Sadly, she loses the ability to maximise her climbing plus when in a fireteam.

She’s someone to consider but her price is just a bit prohibitive.


The Morat enginner has suckered many, and not in a good way. Both the old and new sculpts have an autocannon loadout and it looks absolutely boss. Too bad these guys suck in shooting and spending the points on the autocannon will get you style points but no objective points. They aren’t great engineers and will generally have a hard time getting across the field to actually attempt objectives. They have access to Slave Drones to help mitigate this but most objectives require the actual engineer to be base to base with something. Oops!

They’re fully kitted with D-Charges and mines so they can run disruption. They can also come in a Haris but buying three mediocre soldiers doesn’t make them any better, even if it gives you an extra burst on the autocannon.

Until they can join other link teams (maybe as a Wildcard, or even with Vanguards) I’ll pass on them. Too bad the models look so awesome.


Aside from being the best fireteam option for MAF, these highly mobile troops have both Assault and Killer Hacker options and even a Paramedic option. These guys will be jumping around and moving across the battlefield anyway so having their dedicated specialists with good armor and Mimetism helps with objectives. The Killer Hacker profile can also use Cybermask to Impersonate and bunker down for the end of game objective grab!

Other Options

There are some units that have Hacker options (like Yaogats) but they’re not worth the trouble. Maybe a Hacker on an attacking Vanguard team can help protect the Suryat, but I wouldn’t count on it. Just cover the attack vector with Killer Hacking Zerats!

Where’s Dr. Worm you scream. Well, he might be the best specialist the Combined Army has but his fat butt (40mm base) and lack of the Morat skill makes him a liability. He might be a good bait but I’d rather have other options.

More Morats Next Week

We’ll look at the superior attack options that Morats can field next week. We’ll primarily look at how these options can be deployed for the counter punch, and how to streamline their usage to avoid over extension.

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