Morat Reaction Force

Now that we have an understanding of the counter punching Morat doctrine, we’ll look into making the army work. There are a couple of paradigms on what constitutes the core of the MAF, and most often this is reflected with the primary fireteam. The Morats have some Core options but also a bevy of interesting Haris choices too!

With the release of Infinity Code One, and the impending N4 reboot, we may need to revisit how the MAF works. I don’t expect a lot to change so even if this is N3 content, presumably, the combat doctrine will remain the same!

Morat Fire Teams

We’ll primarily look at the Core options’ contribution to the list. I have had bad experiences making overwatch type of teams (purely reactive) so we’ll look at synergies as opposed to building to be boring.

Oznat and the Hungries

Ask any Infinity player about list building for Morats and you’ll get this as a recommendation. A lot of players swear by it, I stay away from it. This core fireteam is cheap and allows you to cram in more orders. While that sounds amazing, there are some issues with this ubiquitous selection:

  • It’s always tempting to send these in like a missile,
  • Or as passive order monkeys,
  • They’re not much use in the reactive turn,
  • Bulk of the team does not have the Morat rule,
  • No Mimetism means that they’re a bit fragile, and
  • The Hungries models are old, dated, and totally not aesthetic.

Granted being cheap and somewhat dangerous does have its perks. I just find this team to be quite unappealing. They don’t bring anything unique to the army and actually using them diminishes their use! I personally would rather have more quality troops than these guys.

Morat Vanguard Infantry

The basic line infantry and a bit overpriced. They used to be useless but now that they can be led by an HMG Suryat with Tactical Awareness turns things around.

They have become a serious and efficient attack piece, but as with all 5-man Cores, unwieldy. They’re dangerous and can outshoot a lot of things but trying to hide them is a chore. Opponents can just sacrifice their cheap pieces and try to kill some Vanguards as the Suryat loses its value once the team is diminished. Suryats aren’t the most amazing heavy infantry.


Individually they may be somewhat useful, as a Core they’re downright useless. They’re too pricy for what they bring and their weapon options aren’t exciting. They all have MSV which is great until this expensive team is shot to pieces through White Noise one by one.

The panzerfausts in a Haris can be useful, but this expensive fireteam just doesn’t have a place in N3 Morats.


Another close combat oriented team. Make no mistake that the Daturazi’s primary use is to provide smoke cover for the army, that’s why they’re often used in singles. I have had some success with a 5-man core with one Smoke Grenade Launcher for the extra range but it isn’t that spectacular. What the Daturazi bring as a Core is comparable to the Oznat and the Hungries, though they’re more expensive. You get better shooting options and better chances against melee forces with your Martial Arts. These can face off against JSA specialists and have a decent chance of actually winning!


Heavy Infantry Core. Heavy Price. Don’t bother.


Decent armor, shooting, great mobility, Mimetism, and the ability to deploy as a Haris? These guys are the best, though I wouldn’t play with them as 5-man. I like using Rodoks as a 3-man core and a Haris as they don’t really need the 5-man bonus too much. Operating as a 3-man core and a Haris reduces their unwieldiness while providing attack and defensive options.

Having 2 teams moving around the battlefield with their Super Jump and getting juicy angles for their shotguns is just mean.

Having 2 teams moving around the battlefield with their Super Jump and setting up interesting killboxes is also mean.

Oh and the shotgun profiles can deploy mines.

Which one is THE Morat Core?

Rodoks. Yes they’re expensive but the utility they provide cannot be understated. As a counter punch, you can hide them in inaccessible areas but still move around on your active turn due to Super Jump.

A 3-man team can even send out their Killer Hacker to Impersonate and Super Jump where their Boarding Shotgun and Surprise Shot to hunt LTs.

Next Week on the Morat Aggression Forces…

Infinity isn’t just about killing enemy models. Sometimes and overeagerness for murder might cause you the game. We’ll look at some options for solving missions that the Morats bring to the table. As I mentioned, this is not a very technical faction and the specialists aren’t very good in a traditional way. But as I also mentioned, nothing the Morats do is pretty “usual”.

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