More! More! Morats!

Morats of the Humansphere

The Morats are brutish aliens in Corvus Belli’s Infinity the Game universe. They have strong muscular bodies and thick red skin, like oni in Japanese myth. They are a race of professional soldiers that serve as total warfare experts for the Combined Army, a role they only accept after having been defeated by the EI. Their Sectorial Army is called the Morat Aggression Forces and leaves no room for imagination.

But yes, there’s more to them than meets the eye.

They do their job diligently and respect the EI for its strength. Unknown to many, they are of course waiting for the EI to show weaknesses so that they may throw off the yoke of servitude. For now, they go to war!

With the release of Infinity Code One, and the impending N4 reboot, we may need to revisit how the MAF works. I don’t expect a lot to change so even if this is N3 content, presumably, the combat doctrine will remain the same!

As an army, they’re a no frills force. They’re not known for their dirty tricks or impressive wargear, and generally approach warfare as plain as possible. PH is their outstanding attribute which means that they can dodge, throw grenades, and have better mileage with Paramedics. They universally have the Morat special rule which makes them all but immune to Loss of Lieutenant and Isolation! These pros can survive an alpha strike on their logistics chain and still function afterwards!

As an attacking force, you’ll have the usual options of Heavy Infantry and Airborne Deployment. If you get Initiative, I always like to take the first turn if I’m confident that I can land a decisive strike, so make sure you read the opponent’s army list!

However, I’d like to focus on another aspect of the MAF, their unique attrition style: counter punch.

Morats in Infinity: Attrition

Morats aren’t exceptionally shooty, high-tech, or resilient. They’re priced at a premium too so they’re not a swarm or Ork analog. What they do well is function after taking a hit, which is a weird strength. They have great attack pieces for the alpha strike but have the ability to function as a counter-puncher. As mentioned, they can dodge better than most, and protect themselves with smoke grenades. They also have a lot of Mimetism on various profiles which allows them to take advantage of cover better. The usual -6 Mod (Mimetism plus Cover) means that BS13 opponents in good range will be rolling 10s to shoot, while you’re dodging on a 12!

The accidental cool thing here is you negate the opponent’s use of cover because you’re not shooting back, but they are still slowed down hugging cover on the off-chance that you might shoot back! You’re effectively influencing the efficiency of their orders spent on the attack!

Survive long enough and the opponent will run out of steam, perfect when you reveal…

The Counter Attack

The Morats have a lot of short range weapons: shotguns, chain rifles, grenades, and others. Surviving and stalling an assault will bring your opponents models into optimum range and hopefully bunched up. Template weapons can be cost effective, clearing out multiple foes and stressing your opponent out.

If your opponent overplayed their hand and are over extended, it will take you less orders to get into proper position. Bonus if they’re specialists trying to get early points so you can get control of the game!

Despite the expensive nature of Morat troops, they do punch above their weight class in the right fight. Use the plentiful Super Jump, Smoke Grenades, Climbing Plus, and Kinematika to get into proper position against the proper targets. You may not out shoot a TAG, but getting a Daturazi or 2 in close combat is almost a guaranteed* win.

*As long as said TAG is not a CCW monster as well like an Oyoroi.

Next Week: The Backbone

We’ll dive into more Morat list construction next week but I hope this little overview gets you interested in the brutal space monkeys!

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