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Updated and Upgunned

Before we get to talking about Twin Kheres Contemptors, I hope everyone is doing well despite the pandemic obviously wrecking our routines! Losing my job just prior to the exponential increase in Covid-19 cases has made job-hunting a bit more difficult, as if it wasn’t already! Great timing! And now struggling with having too much time, feeling unproductive, and coming to terms that the respite provided by social interactions is… inaccessible.

As a worrier and a badger (need to channel pent up energy outward!), I’m doing everything possible to stave off the boredom, and have a semblance of productivity like:

  • Ironing clothes more often,
  • Cooking and baking more complicated dishes,
  • Catching up on some backlog video projects, and
  • Getting some online certifications

Pretty soon I’ll get on the bandwagon and make sourdough bread from scratch!

Arming the Contemptor Dreadnought

On the hobby side, the Covid Lockdown got me some extra time to work on several game systems and my Martian Blockade. Namely adding diversity to the firepower the Imperial Fists will be bringing. If you’ve been following the army list, you’ll notice that it features a lot of anti-armor weapons: from the meltaguns on the Veterans, powerfists from the Cataphractii, the Grav-flux bombards of the Leviathan, and the lascannon heavy support team. Great for vehicles and monsters but not so great versus medium to heavy infantry. I opted to do some work on my existing Contemptor Dreadnought armed with two Kheres assault cannons.

Akimbo: Twin Kheres

As I previously mentioned on my post with the Leviathan, I think that double wielding weapons on Dreadnoughts is the way to go. You get twice the fire power and it can continue with its designated role even if it loses an arm. No unintended adjusting for the Contemptor! A true intractable Imperial Fist!

The symmetric look is a plus for me on this one. Reminds me of old school Battletech mechs. I’m tempted to slap on a Havoc missile launcher on top for the Mechwarrior aesthetic but I’ll get on it once I’m able to shop around for some magnets. Can’t be spending money on random stuff until I land work!

Besides, no one’s playing at clubs right now. Social distancing and all.

Conversion-wise, pretty easy. I had two right-arm sets from the plastic Contemptor, snipped just above the round hinge, and glued it back on the other way.

Contemptors on the Battlefield

The Contemptor Dreadnought will be using its Twin Kheres Assault Cannons to provide volume of fire against enemy scoring units. The assault canon can easily wound Legionnaires (though it will have a hard time getting through power armor), but absolutely turn Mechanicum thralls into paste. The strength 6 is a great all rounder, and the sheer volume makes it a fantastic piece to delete your run of the mill units. The accidental rending might give some bonus punch for armored threats but its an anti-infantry weapon. So don’t rely on it and fish for rends!

I’ve read online that the volume of shots, plus fishing for 6s makes Twin Kheres Contemptors budget anti-air units. Maybe if an opportunity arises, sure. But I’m not relying on that, even if I downgrade it to a Mortis Contemptor. I’d rather have dedicated stuff rather than turning everyone into a jack-of-all-trades. I’m a skew kinda guy.

I also noticed that glare keeps cropping up in this photo set. I think the setup I have doesn’t work well when the sun’s out. Being nocturnal, I’ve only set it up for artificial light. I guess I should just keep to my routine and take photos before going to bed!

Next week, on A Sentimental Gentleman…

Anyway, I’ve been asked how I do the Imperial Fists and their cracked armor. Having an extra Contemptor Dreadnought Power Fist, I decided to make a mini tutorial. It’ll be my first one so bear with me! I’ll post it up as soon as I get the words clear and proper!

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