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Leviathan Dreadnought: Aw lawd, he comin’!

I posted the primed subassemblies of the Leviathan Dreadnought on my Instagram a few weeks back. Rarely do I actually go through the process of subassembly but the government response to Covid-19 really has given me some time. I do wish that this pandemic will be sorted out soon as I’m dying to get back to work!

30K Imperial Fist Leviathan Dreadnought

The Leviathan Dreadnought is one of the heavier dreadnought variants the Imperium can throw around. It’s a beefy model that looks like a Contemptor Dreadnought wearing an armored suit! The extra-wide torso really lends the heavy armor look, and the two-sets of exhaust just gets me imagining a smoke-belching titan smashing through fortifications.

The Curious Case of the Siege Leviathan

This badboy has a lot of weapon options that can mess up anything in the game. It’s got options for insane close combat weapons that can tear a Primarch to pieces, or guns that will just chew legionnaires. Both arm mounted and torso systems have very specific and flavorful battlefield roles. I equipped mine with torso mounted dual heavy flamers to deter foolhardy demolition runs on it.

I’m also open to equipping it with the Phosphex Discharger but I just haven’t gotten around to painting the add-on. The Leviathan just has so much surface area that even the speed-painting technique I’ve employed with these Imperial Fists hasn’t stopped me from feeling it’s such a chore!

For the arm options, I went with two Grav-Flux Bombards. I’m not a fan of the classical gun+fist set-up as they don’t seem to be as efficient. Don’t get me wrong, I love asymmetric things like Fiddler Crabs but having just one main gun doesn’t make the Leviathan Dreadnought great at shoot outs; just one fist doesn’t make it spectacular in close combat. I’d rather skew and build it for a specific role so it’s not trying to accomplish jobs it’s not rated for.

And having Grav-Flux Bombards akimbo is awesome: placing two gravity well templates is just too good to pass up. It really messes with the enemy mobility, possibly giving the Leviathan an extra turn of shooting and mauling enemy assault troops.

The caveat though is that most of these weapons have a range of around 24″ which makes it poorly optimised for open warfare, but perfect for a siege. Sadly, despite the siege aspect of this chassis, the fact that it’s mounted on a 80mm base makes it unavailable in Zone Mortalis games! Crazy!

Quick Paint Spotlight on the Dreadnought

You may have noticed that the Imperial Fists yellow on my Leviathan is cracked. I did this by painting patches of Agrellan Earth over black primer, then painting over the resulting cracks with beige followed by yellow. Keep in mind that despite being a thick textured paint, Agrellan Earth needs primer to latch onto, failure to provide this foundation will have the chips… well, chip off.

I’m still lacking some Imperial Fists decals so until I get a hold of some, I’ve only lightly inked the dreadnought. When I finally get the decals, I’ll be reworking on the Leviathan by:

  • Apply decal
  • Matt Varnish over the area
  • Apply Vallejo Crackle Medium
  • Apply ink stain over the decals and the surrounding area

Hopefully this will blend the decals better and get rid of the silvering issue.

The Blockade Continues

As previosly mentioned, the Leviathan Dreadnought will be marching with my Forgelord. The chunky pair will obviously draw fire but I’m hoping that Battlesmith can keep those Grav-Flux Bombard pumping. Maybe to support the two, I’ll squeeze in a twin-Kheres wielding Contemptor Dreadnought when I expand the list.

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