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Black Lightning: Stormcast Eternals in Warcry

A quick palate cleanser from painting too much Imperial Fists!

Starting out a Warcry warband was a round-about journey for me. It actually stemmed from a game system I’ve always wanted to try but never had the funds to fully commit to. Warhammer Fantasy was, and still is, one of my hobby hang-ups. Growing up reading Dragonlance novels really got me obsessed with massed high fantasy regiments and heroes (or villains) riding magical dragons! I slowly began accumulating a Dark Elf force, mostly Darkshards, with the intent of filling up the Core choices as fast as possible to allow me to cram as many Black Dragon Lords! But then…

Warhammer Fantasy died, (for the meantime), and my rank-and-file dreams are put on hold. But Fantasy’s death was the first step to me collecting Warcry.

An Accidental Journey to Stormcast Eternals in Warcry

The second phase of my Warcry journey came when WarJeepney got super into Shadespire. I tried the boardgame and was into it for a bit but it wasn’t my jam. It did get me into reading more about the lore, and gravitated towards the Sigmarines.

When Warcry came out, like any hobbyist on a budget, I thought about how I can repurpose my current models for the game. Foolishly, I thought that that will allow me to start. With cursory research, I went to Strategies Games and Hobbies to get an easy-to-build box of Castigators (the one that comes with a Gryph Hound), and placed an order for some Hurricane Crossbows at Bitzbox.

With sharp clippers, a lot of Milliput, and even more super glue, I set about forging my warband. The Castigators were pretty easy to convert into Vanguard Raptors as you just need to snip off the end of their bows and attach the triple barrelled Hurricane Crossbow tip. I just went a bit over the top by replacing the heads with Vanguard Raptor ones, and adding some Milliput studs on the shoulder pads, and even along the Gryph Hound’s spine.

Steelheart’s cadre just had some weapon swaps and vanity pieces. Brightshield got a sword and a Drukhari Wych head, and Oberon got a Hurricane Crossbow. Steelheart himself just got a Vanguard Hunter hand crossbow. Easy!

And of course I ran out of Hurricane Crossbows, and I still had one more Stormcast Eternal to do! Digging around my Bitzbox order, and existing bitz, I thought I could make a Lord Castellant for this Warcry warband. The Castigator with the bald head got a head swap from a previous Spellcrow order, and the left hand got some flames to serve as a Lantern. I made a halberd out of a toothpick and pretended to be in a miniature episode of Forged in Fire. Bonus!


I do love Gryph Hounds! I think despite the initial weirdness, they’re the last John Blanche-esque / Heirnoymous Bosch-esque models in Age of Sigmar. Just look at this magnificent weirdo!

The warband color scheme was a dark and dirty attempt at Blanchitsu style: Black fabrics, stained gold armor, and textures. I used a lot of inks to get the tones, and I was a bit more patient this time around in using Vallejo fluorescent paints. I’m still trying to be a bit better and deliberate with my painting but I think there’s a bit of improvement. The Warcry setting is great for collecting, converting and practicing.

Stormcast Eternals Warcry Warband List

My warband as it stands:

  • Vanguard with Hurricane Crossbow x3
  • Gryph Hound x1
  • Vanguard Raptor Prime x1
  • Knight Questor x1
  • Lord Castellant x1

It’s a fairly decent foundation for Warcry, I think. I know it’s needs more Gryph Hounds and Aetherwings, but that’s for another time. Right now, I’m just trying to get as much hobby done as possible so that when the Covid-19 lockdown eases up, I can finally play my first Warcry skirmish!

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