The Warrior’s Code: Minimoto Clan for Bushido the Game

When I was leaving Manila for Vancouver, the Warjeepney crew was getting into GCT Studio’s Bushido the Game. Migration isn’t just costly in terms of financial resources, but spatial resources as well! I was set to ship out my Horus Heresy and Infinity miniatures and just couldn’t squeeze in another game system!

During my first Infinity tournament here in Vancouver though, I wore my Warjeepney hoodie and recognised the logo! He said he’s seen the Bushido battle reports on Youtube, imagine that! Philippines reppin’ in the Bushido scene!

Minimoto Clan: The Bear

I decided to start a Bushido warband and did some research. I wanted to play the Savage Wave as the swarm of goblins/bakemono and hulking oni is really up my alley. Upon further reading though, it turned out that if I wanted to play some oni, I would have to spend a bit more for the old miniatures and updated cards as these red brutes weren’t part of the Savage Wave Starter. With hobby funds being diverted to lame things like groceries and Vancouver-proof clothing, I had to rethink my Bushido warband.

Tanky armies have been my preference recently, as I mentioned in a Dark Eldar related story from my childhood. My research led me to the Minimoto Clan who are as stoic and unyielding as the Iron Mountains they call home. I was hesitant with going for them because the theme conjured images of Vikings or Space Wolves, but I’m glad I was wrong. With their tetsubos, they looked more like the dour Crab Clan from L5R and I was hooked.

Minimoto, Mega-tetsubo

While every otaku’s fantasizing about katanas, I’ve always been more of a tetsubo fan. These clubs may not be elegant but I doubt opponents would care when their head’s getting bashed in. Those studs on the iron hitting part just looks mean. Perfect for clobbering time!

I wasn’t a big fan of the sitting blacksmith model at first but when I read the card that he gives out more tetsubos for everyone… well he won me over. The man with the stick still hasn’t done it for me yet though…

Spirits of the Minimoto

When I was placing my order, some models weren’t available. Being impulsive, I couldn’t wait for them so I just jumped the gun and got some summonable Kami. In all the skirmish games I’ve played, I know that summons aren’t the best choice, but they were an available, and affordable, choice to get the warband up and running! I got an Ancestor Spirit and a 2-model blister of Kami of the Evening Flame.

I love the Ancestor Spirit’s ghostly design, and if it only had a Minimoto tetsubo it would’ve been the bee’s knees! As I haven’t played any match yet, I can’t vouch for its effectiveness but it looks like a great support piece on card. I can see it working as a Ki battery for Minimoto Yuji and jumping in if things get a bit dicey!

The fire kami’s design has left me with a feeling of buyer’s remorse. I mean they look cool but I felt they didn’t match up well with the look of my force. Plus there was an errant bit that I just couldn’t figure where to put! The coalescing mass of flames is a nice idea but this blister should come with assembly instructions.

I’m considering swapping these out with some more Ashigaru when I get the chance. Gotta cram as much clubs as possible!

Covid-19 Lockdown Bushido Painting Pledge

The Vancouver Bushido the Game Facebook group started talking about finishing up some warbands to keep everyone sane this lockdown period. Being a speed painter, I try to accomplish as much as possible with limited colors. I chose a dark armor-style with purple robes as a homage to the Crab Clan.

Sucks that I didn’t have purple paint though. I had to whip some up with what I had, and the vibrancy just isn’t up to spec. When I am able to, I’ll get some artists’ ink and increase the saturation on the purples.

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