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Heavy Arms: Imperial Fists Lascannon Team

Any worthwhile commander undertaking a Martian blockade must bring a lot of heavy weapons to deal with the Heretek threat. Legio Traitoris has a great series on anti-tank options, mainly vehicles and walkers. I have always loved the look of the man-portable heavy weapons and I’ve decided to go that route. Luckily, my Imperial Fists Heavy Support squad is packing the best: Lascannons.

30K Lascannon Heavy Support Squad

When I was first building my Imperial Fists, I was going over the Forgeworld site and looked at the shoulder mounted heavy weapons. They did not appeal as I didn’t fancy buying resin legionnaire bodies, especially since they cost a lot (real money wise) and I wanted to field an obscene amount of Heavy Support Squads. Despite the Mk5 bodies tempting me, I decided to wait for a more cost effective option. A teacher’s salary isn’t very resin friendly.

My patience was rewarded with the release of plastic 30K stuff. Though I wasn’t very liquid when Betrayal at Calth was released, I was able to score some MK4 legionnaires on the cheap. These were bolstered after a few months of waiting with some eBay rescues as well.

This MK4 Heavy Support Squad is sporting the Forgeworld Ryza Pattern Lascannon Set and they are magnificent! They obviously fit perfectly with the MK4 plastic legionnaires, and the set I got required minimum de-flashing. The coils however need a bit of drilling to get a snug fit into the power pack and the lascannon themselves but nothing too troublesome. The usual warm water bending and we’re ready to prime.

Heavy Weathering for Heavy Support

I followed my usual painting scheme for these guys. I played around with the Vallejo Crackle Medium on the armor but realized that it doesn’t really react like Agrellan Earth: applying it thickly results in a thick glue-gun like blob. So that was a mistake.

Lots of ink stains and chipping covered up my weakness in making neat paint jobs. With the brightness of the Imperial Fists’ yellow armor, just having patches of it across the battle ravaged armor helped tie these guys with the main force.

Supporting the Blockade

Imperial Fists Heavy Support Squads automatically get Tank Hunter which helps in dealing with Mechanicum heavy armor, dreadnoughts, or Imperial Knights. I have 10 of these guys which I can split into 2 5-man teams, a cheeky 10-man team, or a more point-friendly 7-man squad. Really versatile, but you do pay an exorbitant amount of points.

So with the blockade up and running, the army’s support elements is shaping up quite nicely. The chainfists and powerfists of the Cataphractii deal with threats up-close, the dreadnoughts dealing death at 24″, and this Lascannon squad will be blasting things across the table!

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