30K Delegatus and Forgelord

The way I approach anything is always with a great deal of sentimentality. Whenever I read anything vaguely Latin, my inner voice accidentally speaks it in the intonations of the Romans from Gladiator! It was one of my favorite movies and still hook me in when I pass it while channel surfing (yes I still do that). Reading anything from 30K will obviously trigger that sentimental response! I have not grown tired of my inner voice speaking like Russell Crowe and bellowing “Consul Delegatus!”

Imperial Fists Cataphractii Characters

Today we’re looking at the HQ choices for the Imperial Fists Chosen Duty Army List. Chosen Duty is a unique Rite of War available to Legion Consuls upgraded as a Delegatus, allowing them to take Veterans as compulsory Troops. The caveat of course is that the Delegatus must survive the battle or surrender victory points. Someone has to be responsible to report back to Legion Command! Good thing a Delegatus can be equipped with a set of Cataphractii Terminator armor.

Legion Delegatus

The section leader of the Martian blockade, the Imperial Fists commander in Cataphractii Terminator armor teleports into the battlefield. He’s a budget commander with no upgrades except for the armor and his Teleport Homer. The Delegatus upgrade allows him to Master Craft his Power Sword for free so that gives him a little bit more edge in combat.

Imperial Fist Forgelord

Any campaign on Mars needs some technical know-how, and the Imperial Fist cadre brought their own. A Power Maul armed Forgelord in Cataphractii Terminator armor is escorted by some Veterans as he ensures the Leviathan dreadnought they brought for this crusade remains operational. As with the Delegatus, no other upgrades are purchased. I don’t fancy super tooled characters as they tend to be a huge point sink. And I know I’ll just be tempted to get them into duels all the time and screw up objectives!

I made the Servo Arm by combining a normal MK7 Backpack, Mk7 Heavy Bolter Backpack, bits of sprue, and a Chaos Terminator Chain bayonet. So many bits used as befits a Forgelord!

Command and Control

The Delegatus and Forgelord are great budget focal points. The former teleporting in with the Cataphractii, while the latter marching with the Veterans and Leviathan. The Army List design is to have a large contingent move as a unit while a hard reserve will capitalise on any over extension by the traitor Mechanicum. Maybe mass combi-boltering cortex-controllers when the opportunity arises?

Thank you again for dropping by the Accidental Hobbies of a Sentimental Gentleman, and I do hope your inner voice sounds like Russell Crowe whenever you read the faux-Latin of the Horus Heresy!

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