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Heavy Infantry Cataphractii

I “accidentally” started miniature wargaming when my mom brought home a starter box for 3rd ed 40K. My brother took the Space Marines and I wound up with the spindly Dark Eldar. Being more comfortable with Tank and Healer archetypes than with dextrous ones, I constantly got trounced and generally had a negative perspective on playing Dark Eldar. Thankfully I continued playing the game but the inability to win clawed at me. I of course blamed it on what I perceived the Space Marines had and I didn’t: armor. And thus, as of this writing, the Sentimental Gentleman continues a not-so-accidental 23 year desire for the safety of 2+…

Choosing Cataphractii Terminators for the Heresy

An iconic armor pattern in the Horus Heresy, Cataphractii Terminator boasts a better Invulnerable save than other Terminator armors at the cost of mobility. In this follow up to my Horus Heresy Imperial Fists we look at how these hard hitters fit into our 1500pt Chosen Duty Army List.

Imperial Fists: Cataphractii vs Tartaros?

Ah, the age old argument: is Cataphractii better than Tartaros, or vice-versa? The Outer Circle actually has some great videos comparing the two, or how legion specific Terminators fare. The key take away is that while Cataphractii have better survivability, they need to have dedicated transport options that reduces their squad size. Lacking the ability to fire Overwatch also hampers them and they have to rely on their 2+/4++ to weather an assault. Tartaros can run into position, and run-down defeated opponents which makes them better for single Lightning Claw builds.

But remember, no unit’s in a vacuum! What is the role you want for your Terminators? What trait would serve this role best? What does will the rest of your Army List bring to the table?

Imperial Fist Terminators can be equipped with Storm Shields to improve their Invulnerable Save by 1, and a Teleport Homer for the Deep Strike USR. The Teleport Homer solves the mobility issue (somewhat), but the Storm Shields throws in another thought exercise: are super hard Cataphractii with 2+/3++ what you want, or fast 2+/4++ Tartaros? Again, look at your list! Horses for courses!

Imperial Fist Cataphractii Army List Role

Now what are these beefy boys packing? I’ve decided to go for the classic Cataphractii look and didn’t go overboard with the squad-size. Teleporting with too many bodies is bound to get hairy, especially since the Army List foolishly does not have Nuncio Voxes!

  • Terminator Sergeant in Cataphractii Armor: Combi-Bolter, Powerfist, Grenade Harness
  • 6 Cataphractii Terminators: Combi-Bolters, Powerfists, 1 Chainfist
  • Teleport Homer

No Nuncio Voxes, and no Storm Shields?! Why play Imperial Fists then? I hear ya! I had to keep their army points down and there was just no wiggle room in the list. The squad is not going to be a deathstar but rather as a teleporting objective grabber. The Deep Strike USR allows me to land on objectives, and the power fists will trounce any thing the Martians can throw. My ideal load out would actually be Storm Shields and Power Mauls but those necessitate more $$$. Mauls are nigh impossible to source cost effectively! I know Pop Goes the Monkey has options but Shapeways’ shipping is kinda brutal. It would have been cool though as the Power Mauls will help smack Mechanicum bots and get through their high Toughness, while the Shields will help with the inevitable counterattack. Alas, we play with the cards we’re dealt.

Imperial Fists! Onward to Mars!

So there we have it, the beefiest unit in my Imperial Fists Army List. I’m working on the HQ selections, also in Cataphractii, and will post them soon.

Hopefully the abundant 2+/4+ will make even the most sentimental gentleman feel safe!

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