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Imperial Fists Army List: Veterans

Welcome to the inaugural post for Accidental Hobbies of a Sentimental Gentleman! I am a humble hobbyist that buys and tinkers more than he plays, as many of you are! Being a shy person, it’s quite a contradiction that I got into the hobby for the social engagements. I do find the socials to be what I keep coming back to, even if it takes me forever to actually muster the courage to join in!

Starting 30K Imperial Fists

To start off, we will be looking at miniatures I have collected and painted over the years, starting with my Horus Heresy 30K Imperial Fists.

The Imperial Fists Army List we’re working on is 1500pt Chosen Duty Rite of War. Though a bit dated, I’ve been reading Warpstone Fluxx‘s Horus Heresy reviews and fell in love with these praetorians of Terra. It’s based on the group of Imperial Fists sent by Rogal Dorn to try and secure Mars during the Horus Heresy. I think Sigismund was supposed to be leading them but the Black Templar aesthetic just doesn’t appeal to me. The polluted environment and the effects of the brutal weapons of the Martians influence not only the color scheme but also how the army is created.

Painting the Imperial Fists

The Imperial Fists are known for their bright and beautiful yellow armor. Unfortunately for yours truly, I can’t paint proper yellow to save my life. So I opted to approach my praetorians with heavy weathering and flaking paint brought by the unique environment this army list found themselves in: Mars in revolt. I wouldn’t call these Imperial Fists Blanchitsu as they do not feature a lot of grimdark conversions, rather I would call them… textured. I painted them to be primarily gun metal with only bits and pieces of crackled Imperial Fist yellow still clinging on their wargear. This gave them the look of being heavily battered by both Martian weapons and the Martian climate. I used a lot of brown ink on the metals and the yellow to create the grime, and I used crackle medium on the yellow segments. I applied the Imperial Fist decals, varnished them, applied crackle medium, then inked them to get the cracked heraldry. Individually you can see that I did have some missteps on details, but when viewed as a group the cohesive look of this Army List suffices.

Imperial Fists Veterans Army List Role

This Army List is designed to combat traitorous Mechanicum forces and features some special equipment. For this post though, we’re just looking at the Veterans which comprise the compulsory Troops choice:

  • 5 Veterans. Sergeant with Artificer Armor, 1 Veteran with Meltagun. Veteran Tactics: Stalkers
  • 7 Veterans. Sergeant with Artificer Armor. Veteran Tactics: Weapon Masters or Resolve

Roles-wise, the Stalker Veterans will be coming in from reserve to try and knockout tanks or heavy battle-automate that might threaten the Imperial Fist lines. The larger squad’s role is to join my Forgelord as his meatshield. I didn’t want them to be using the Scout rule as the Forgelord’s place is next to the Leviathan that I’ll be adding to the army list and trying to keep it alive. I was looking to get these Veterans to be Weapon Masters to last a bit longer in close combat, or Resolved to keep tanking hits and not run away.


Accidental Army List

These guys are the first Imperial Fists for my Martian Blockade Army List. I’m slowly building this Army List from Ebay rescues and hand-me-downs, but also some bits from Forgeworld. So far, these dutiful defenders have been great to gather and paint. Will this Army List be up to scratch? We’ll see when I find the time to get some games of Horus Heresy at The Spire!

Thank you for visiting the Accidental Hobbies of a Sentimental Gentleman!

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